It’s Just A Joke

Things Carla Loves

It’s just a joke.

I hear those words, that same phrase, over and over again.

Adam Goodes, an Aboriginal man and an AFL footballer, compared to Harambe.

Come on, laugh. It’s just a joke.

It’s not like anything serious ever happens to Aboriginal people.

It’s not like Pauline Hanson, xenophobic racist, and unfortunately leader of Australia’s One Nation party, which is a (somehow even more bogan) version of MAGA, which spurts similar rhetorics and white ideas.

“Along with millions of Australians, I am fed up to the back teeth with the inequalities that are being promoted by the government and paid for by the taxpayer under the assumption that Aboriginals are the most disadvantaged people in Australia.” – Pauline Hanson

It’s not like Aboriginal people are more likely to be imprisoned, die in custody, or die from preventative diseases:

Image result for aboriginal inequality australia

It’s just a joke, after all.

And freedom of speech, damn…

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