Does Feminism Lead To Divorce?

I guess one could make the argument that feminism made divorce easier to get & more commonplace.

However, one’s wife or husband believing the genders are equal doesn’t lead to more divorces, nor cause them.

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There are a lot of fucking ignorant misconceptions surrounding feminism, one of which is the idea that feminists are often unable to marry (which is why they are feminists) or that being a feminist will lead to divorce.

Firstly, feminists do marry (if they want to). I’m married, and I’m married to a male feminist.

Some feminists might not be married due to personal choice.

Yet, at the end of the day, despite whiny MRAs and MGTOWs claiming that feminists are “ugly”, here’s a list I already compiled of conventionally attractive celebrities who are also feminists.

So that dispels that myth, you wanker.

However, leading to the second part of that question, does feminism lead to divorce?

That question is a little trickier, as it depends what the person means when asking.

Being a feminist (unless you married a sexist, misogynistic pig who treats you terribly … and I’m not…

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