Greta scares Grown men

Coalition of the Brave

Greta Thunberg. Remember her name. This 16 year-old has done more for the cause of combating climate change in the space of a month than world leaders and big businesses combined. In the process, she’s come under fire from bitter, angry old white dudes, who are threatened by her strength and conviction. She’s had a lot of criticism, but her statement (see the above link) is ample proof that she will not be bullied.

We’re at a tipping point, facing a very real climate crisis, something the vast majority of the world’s scientists agree is happening, and yet, rather than face these problems, people like Piers Morgan and Donald Trump, among others, show their sexism (not to mention a huge misunderstanding of mental illness) via their comments on Twitter and beyond. Despite some high profile attacks, Greta has not been unnerved; she forges on, with a cause we should…

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