Thoughts on Trump’s “Impeachment”

It’s all over the news, and I feel I have to comment on it.

I’m a liberal.  On the “Radical Scale” (that I just made up), I’m somewhere between “Elizabeth Warren” & “Bernie Sanders.” 

That means I have all sorts of crazy ideas:

  • Women are people; full-fledged, unique individuals who deserve to define their own lives without answering to men (in general)
  • Minority groups got, and continue to get, a raw deal in the U.S.
  • LGBTQ+ people exist, and they deserve all the same opportunities in life as heterosexual cisgender people
  • Healthcare is necessary for the future of our country
  • Our country needs to take better care of people, in general
  • We only have one Earth; take it seriously and we need to realize that we’re not doing enough (by a long shot)

With all this in mind, what I have to say next might be surprising:

Stop getting so excited about Speaker Pelosi’s announcement.

(Please take special note of the underlined word above – “so.”  I’m not telling you that you can’t raise a glass, crack a smile, and breathe a sigh of relief.)

It’s Exciting!

It’s refreshing to see the whole Senate come together.  They demanded, unanimously, that the White House/Justice Department release the whistle-blower’s report to Congress.  As the law requires. 

In the new normal, seeing people, on both sides of the aisle, come together is cause for celebration.  It makes me hopeful that, in spite of it all, our “leaders” may come together in pursuit of law & order.

And, YES, after nearly 3 years of watching disaster after disaster unfold, hearing “impeachment” makes my heart skip a beat. 


I think Speaker Pelosi was very cautious with her words, and rightfully so.  She said, “impeachment inquiry.”  This is the start of the investigative procedure. 

Remember the Mueller investigation?  Remember how long, protracted, and bumpy that road was? 

Now, imagine that, and add some members of Congress trying to obstruct the process.  They’re also going to be posturing for the TV audience. 

(Justice Sonya Sotomayor thinks that allowing cameras into Congress has further divided the country. Her argument is quite convincing – I recommend you watch the video.)


People from both parties are screaming like this announcement means Trump has to start packing immediately.  That’s just not the case.  This impeachment inquiry could take a very long time – even beyond the 2020 election.

I don’t think we can get so excited that we lose perspective.  This could turn out to be another “inconclusive” investigation. 

Or, Republicans* might just change the rules again to get their way.

So, after you’re done breathing, raising a glass, or just taking a nap (it’s all exhausting!), stay motivated.

These aren’t the laurels on which we need to rest.  We need to make sure whomever is in office truly lives up to the democratic** values on which the people founded America. 

While I believe the founders intended for the rules to change, to keep up with changing times, they didn’t expect our core values to be cast aside.  We need to keep our eye on what’s truly important.

* I use the word “Republicans” here to mean obstructionist politicians who changed the House and/or Senate’s precedents, refused to hear bills/propositions, or otherwise ignored the cries of at least half the country.  These people abandoned the party of “law and order” to push through their personal agendas.  Even when those were unpopular moves.

** I use the word “democratic” here to mean “relating to democracy,” not the political party.  Ours was designed to be a government run by the people (or, at least, a majority).  We’ve moved away from these ideals, especially recently. 

I still think they’re neat.


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