There had better be justice…

Coalition of the Brave

It’s unbelievable to think that a cop can actually open fire without taking any time to check a situation out, then get placed on ‘admin leave’, having killed a person for… being inside their own fucking home?!

This is racism at work. Systematic, embedded racism. It runs deep into the core of various elements of society, all over the world, but somehow, it runs very deep in a number of pockets of US society (and please, my American friends, this is not aimed at you, for I know many Americans are as ashamed of this as I am). This should be a clear cut case of murder, for that’s what it is. Hysteria because ‘black person’ has led to an innocent woman being shot dead in her own home. There should be outrage about this at a national level. This is 2019. There is zero room for this…

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