Random Questions – Post #1

Admit it – we all have them.  When we’re kids, we seem to vocalize every random question.  I don’t know at what age we stop sharing them with other people. 

I’m pretty sure we stop so that no one slaps us silly. 

But, we all still have these random thoughts from time to time.  I feel, strongly, that we can become closer to each other, as humans, when we share them. 

Why?  Because they leave us open.  They leave us vulnerable. 

Maybe other people will think our queries are obvious, shallow, shameful, or just plain weird

So, sharing them can open us up to ridicule.

I don’t mind reveling in my “weird” here & having no one join in.  Still, I hope that someone will see a “Random Question” post & say, “Hey!  I wondered the same thing the other day.”

Then, I hope you’ll leave a comment!

As these questions are without rhyme or reason, the range of topics are limitless – Politics?  Sexuality?  Life?  Health?  Pets?  The universe?  Hobbies?  Everything?  Who knows!  We go where the wind takes us!*

Hopefully, the questions will encourage discussion.  I think it’s cool to debate & even disagree – But keep it CIVIL or keep it MOVING. 

*If you have a question you’re itching to ask, please feel free!  If you’re less willing to “let your freak flag fly” than I am, I’m sure we can make it anonymous!

Random Question #1:

Does anyone else notice that eyelashes are supposed to be there to protect our eyes from debris getting in them; however, the worst debris you ever get in your eyes is a freakin’ eyelash?

It’s like, c’mon eyelashes!  You had one job! 

Which, clearly, directs my mind to a secondary random question – What is the biological reasoning behind eyebrows?

Discuss.  😉

(Side note: As I was flushing out this post, I got an eyelash stuck in my eye on two separate occasions.  I thought it must have been a sign & I snapped a picture. Nope. No f—s given. 😊)

You’re welcome for the nightmare you have about my giant eyeball tonight.

23 thoughts on “Random Questions – Post #1

  1. Eyebrows help keep sweat and larger debris out of your eyes! I’ve noticed that about eyelashes, too, and it’s SO annoying. Granted, I’ve also caught things in my eyelashes so they are doing their job, but getting them in your eye is like getting stabbed. Those hairs are sharp!

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    • I totally forgot about sweat! Yes! That makes perfect sense!

      It seems like I only ever get eyelashes & the rare bit of fluff from a makeup brush in my eyes. I’m sure the eyelashes prevent many bits I would never notice, but they seem to be derelict in their duty nonetheless!

      Also, I thought it was neat I got an eyelash in my eye so perfectly I could photograph it. & that was the second eyelash-stabbing that week! 😆

      (So happy to hear from you. I hope everything is awesome. ❤ )

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      • I am a repository of random knowledge :p

        I’ve picked stuff out of my eyelashes so I’m happy they’re doing their job BUT I’ve definitely gotten them in my eye. I hate when they get in the corner and it’s a pain to get them out. You almost have to flip your lid and try to grab it shudder. I guess it could be worse though? There’s a condition dogs (and maybe cats, too?) can get where their lids turn inward and their eyelashes scrape their eye. It sounds HORRIBLE. They can fix it, but sadly lots of abandoned and/or neglected dogs get this, and I can’t even imagine how painful it must be.

        Everything is okay. I’m trying to recover from the holidays even though I did like ZERO holiday stuff lol. It’s always so stressful. Oddly, I’ve been enjoying doing holiday stuff more AFTER it than I did leading up. Christmas feels like more of a deadline than a holiday anymore D:

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      • I’m right there with you. I’m a font of useless information.

        So much so that I know “font” is the Americanized version of “fount,” which, I think, is short for “fountain.” Because I have looked it up to make sure I’ve used the right word almost every time I have this conversation with someone.

        After the 2nd time, the information stuck, but confidence in my recall hasn’t improved.

        I have heard of that condition in dogs! (I’m not sure about cats) From what I remember, it’s common in certain breeds. Rotties, maybe? I don’t recall where I acquired that knowledge, so I can’t be sure of its veracity.

        Regardless, it does sound awful. Like, punishment for a sinner in Hell type awful.

        To me, it’s like, everything leads up to the 2 days (Christmas Eve & Christmas Day) where stores & stuff shuts down. But, I have no where to go on those days.

        Even if I did, IDK if I would. Everyone, like you say, is so busy. I told my friends, with whom I still haven’t had a chance to exchange gifts, “I promise I still love you in January. We’ll make time after the craziness subsides.” I’m hoping it’ll still be this month. LOL

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      • I have zero confidence in my recall and I’m terrible at source information and mixing things up lol. It’s why I love OneNote. It’s like my second brain because the one in my head is a total shit sponge LMAO.

        I remember the day I found out cats didn’t have eyelids I nearly lost my mind. I heard it on a radio show then when I went home, I picked up my cat and lo and behold THEY DON’T. Like of course they have a way to blink/close their eyes, but it’s more like their upper and lower brows come together unlike dogs and humans who have actual lids. Of course this could just be semantics/appearance, but it freaked me out. I don’t think cats have eyelashes either? See now I need to go bother my sleeping cat to check again :p

        I’ve exchanged gifts in January. Hell I still have stuff for my family in my purse because I was sick on Christmas Eve when we were supposed to get together. The holidays are rough.

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      • I still use scraps of paper. Everywhere. I really should make the jump to more digital stuff. I’m just a purist, I guess, & the transition has been slower than I’d like to admit! LOL

        They don’t have the typical “flap of skin” that makes up a typical eyelid, no. But, they do have that clear eyelid that appears when they’re sleeping. Or can indicate that they’re sick.

        I wish cats had eyelashes. Loki keeps getting fur on his eyeballs lately. Like, I can see the single piece of fur laying across his pupil. It drives me nuts just thinking about how it would feel!

        Hey… appreciate people whenever you have time! 😊

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      • I did that for years, too! I’m still find paper notes that I haven’t transferred to digital yet. I used to carry around this calendar notebook and that’s where I’d write my notes. Eventually I put them into OneNote and I haven’t gone back. It can take me a while to change, too, because I’m stubborn, but once I’m comfortable with something that works, I tend to stick with it. I was on the fence between OneNote and Evernote, but at this point I don’t feel like transferring what I have from the former to the latter lol.

        The nictitating membrane or haw 🙂 My Cid’s were visible a lot when we first got him because he had a respiratory infection. Sometimes I’ll still see a bit of it in the corner because he sneezes a lot. What’s interesting is most mammals and birds have one, but humans lost ours in the evolutionary process. We just have the vestiges of it in that little bit of pink in the corner of our eyes. It would be cool if quite alien if we still did though lol.

        Omg I’ve seen that, too. My old cat Kin-mei used to get infections in his one eye and we’d have to put medicine in it. That is never fun for either the cat or the human who has to do it.

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      • Hmm. You are making a strong case for OneNote. I’m currently making the change from paper to digital for all my favorite quotations. Unfortunately, that’s like a gazillion pages of stuff to go through. But, I like the shift. I think OneNote would align with where I want to be.

        Would it work on a smart phone? Is it something that I can integrate with a calendar? Are these all questions I should figure out myself by playing around with the darned program? 😉

        Yes! That thing! I knew it was a membrane; hopefully I’ll remember “haw,” though I doubt anyone but a very learned person would know what I meant. (Only a very learned person would know what a nictitating membrane is too, though. lol)

        HUH! Is that what’s in the inside corner of our eyes? The vestiges of a side-to-side moving membrane? Pretty sure that appeared in Men in Black… but they were “gills.” Frogs have them too, I think? The membranes… not gills. LOL

        Awww! Poor Kin-mei! I feel your pain about putting in eye drops – when we didn’t know what was making Loki sick, many moons ago, I had to give him eye drops. & pills. & liquids. & G-d knows what else we’ve done so far… lol

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      • YES. That’s one of the reasons I love OneNote so much. Whatever you update on your phone automatically updates on the app and vice versa. I don’t think it integrates with a calendar though unfortunately. I wish it did because I would love a better to do list. I have one, but I always feel like there’s something missing.

        I’m a gigantic dork lol. I did a bunch of research on cat eyes when I was writing one of my novel length fanfics. I love researching for stories I always think of MIB too when it comes to that,, because it looks similar! The “blink” was because he was out of breath, though it is weird to have the respiratory system through the eyes. That sounds wildly inconvenient.

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      • OMG… cross-syncing to-do lists?!? I may need to dedicate my life to learning OneNote & singing its praises. 😁

        I agree, though. It would be better for OneNote to have a way to sync with, say, Google calendars, or other popular online calendars. I haven’t really been as keen to use calendars online as much as I probably should; I am much more aware of every paper item I purchase/use nowadays.

        OMG… an online calendar with to do list options! Reminders telling you to take meds, walk the dog, scoop the litter box, but also when to go to appointments! It would make my life a heck of a lot easier, I know that. Maybe I need to talk to someone who knows how to do computer stuff. LOL 🤣

        YES! That’s exactly the line I was thinking about when I mentioned MiB! I couldn’t remember it – I could’ve looked it up, but I am lazy. Plus, anyone who has seen the movie knows that part. I want to watch the movie now. LOL 🤣 🤣 🤣

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      • One note is ridiculously user friendly! The one issue I have with it is the same one EverNote has and that’s searching. Granted it’s gotten a little better, but you can’t search for phrases, only words. So say you were trying to find “apple tree” in your notes; you’d only be able to search for “apple” or “tree” because for some reason it can’t locate phrases, which is annoying. If EverNote had had that capability, I might’ve considered switching, but it’s the same thing.

        I just use a Planner Pro right now. It was free and you can schedule things on a weekly basis along with other things. It’s not perfect, but using it in (manual) sync with OneNote is helpful. It purports to have a reminder function, but I don’t really use it. I’m good at checking it throughout the day and marking off when I’ve completed something. Granted, I use an Excel spreadsheet to help create is with a weekly timeline, but not everyone is neurotic like me lol.

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      • Well, I’ve been trying to switch over to the calendar on my phone. It frustrated me to have to try & figure out the calendar app while inputting my appointments from the paper calendars. Fingers crossed, I did it right & I’ll remember to use it in the future.

        I looked at the Google store for OneNote & EverNote. It looks like EverNote is a bit nicer – does it have a calendar or reminder feature? The calendar app on my phone refuses to repeat a reminder I put in! How annoying. Grr.

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      • I think EverNote has more bells and whistles, but I don’t know much about it. I’m not sure if it has a reminder feature, but I think it’s a free app? I’m so used to OneNote that it would be difficult to get used to something new, plus I REALLY like that sync feature between my phone and desktop.

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      • I do like the idea of syncing. Then again, with my computer, I might be able to download EverNote & sync it using the same login?

        But, I do have OneNote. I don’t know if I paid for it along with all the other Microsoft products, but I have it. LOL

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      • I think it comes with it! I remember being so annoyed when I had to reinstall Windows because I had to get the Microsoft Suite again, but thankfully I saved my Microsoft key so I didn’t have to deal with that 365 nonsense…at least not yet.

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