Random Questions – Post #2

If you’re new to our “weird/random/oversharing” corner of the Internet, or if you need a refresher, check out Random Questions – Post #1

For the veterans, welcome home.  Make yourself comfortable! 

Random Question #2:

How do you address reading a series, especially one that went through “fanatical hype” before you picked it up? 

Say, a Harry Potter or The Hunger Games type of series.

Do you approach it:

  1. All the books in a row.  Get through them all at once.
  2. Not all at once, but with only one buffer book in between.
  3. See how you feel at the end of each book.
  4. Never read them.

Discuss!  😊

3 thoughts on “Random Questions – Post #2

  1. for Question 2, I see how I feel after reading the first book. If I like it I continue with the series. I have zero issue reading things that have a lot of hype around them, but I’ll like them on their own merit. Sometimes I do wait for the hype to die down if I got in after it happened, but other than that, I try to be fair in my assessment.

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