Loki: The Life & Trials Of One Black Cat – Introduction

So, after sorting through almost 1,300 pictures and videos of Loki, I chucked all 12 pages of my original rough draft for this post.  Maybe the images made me realize the post sucked.  Maybe it just raised different feelings and memories.

I choose to believe the latter. 😆

As I said in my recent post, I made the tough decision to put my cat to sleep on March 2nd, 2021.  Because he was such a large part of my life – and because I don’t know if there’s a picture limit on WordPress – I’m going to break this down into 3 posts:

The average lifespan for an indoor-only cat is about 15 years.  My sister had a cat who lived to be 18.  A dear friend, on the other hand, lost his furry companion after only about 9 months.  I had Loki for 10 years. 

In that, I was blessed. 

Also, during that time, I thought he was “a goner” twice.  I mean: genuinely, started to grieve, thought he was “a goner.” 

But, if there’s one thing to be said in memory of Loki, it is: He was a tough S.o.B.  (If you’re not familiar with that acronym, just ask the nearest adult with the maturity of a teenager.)

And, in many ways, a second way to lovingly honor Loki is to say: The S.o.B. lived up to his namesake.  I chose the name “Loki” from the Norse mythology (Full disclosure: I also love the Marvel movies 😉) 

In the myths, Loki straddles the worlds between the g-ds and death.  He helps and harms those around him – whichever benefits him the most.  And he makes others laugh, often with his absurdity.

For those of you who didn’t know Loki, the cat – That is a generous description for him (however macabre).  He was a smart, self-serving, shape-shifting, death-defying… brat.

Which, is true of most cats, if you think about it.  😄

To be continued…


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