Loki: The Life & Trials Of One Black Cat – Early Years

Loki was born around the first week in July in 2010.  When the vet gave that estimate at his first check-up, I picked July 4th for his unofficial birthday.  Because it was easy to remember. 

I had wanted a cat of my own for a while.  When my ex-husband/boyfriend-at-the-time (long story – don’t drink around your exes, kids!) told me his uncle’s cats had recently had kittens, I pounced on the chance to get one.

Please accept this picture as an apology for that pun.

My sincerest a-paw-logies. #SorryNotSorry

My (now completely and forever) ex had undersold his uncle’s cat situation.  In his uncle’s cow barns and fields (yes, we have those in NJ) there were about 40 cats.  For the most part, they’d had no interactions with people. 

This was clear when they bolted out the stall’s half-door into the muddy field.  Even the kitten’s Mom high-tailed it. Left behind were three of the scruffiest kittens you’d ever seen. 

They were covered in dirt… at least, I hope it was dirt.  Two ran for the nearest hidey-hole they could find.  The third waddled forward to investigate us noisy giants.  I often joke that was the last brave act Loki ever did.

Allying with the humans proved to be to Loki’s benefit.

After a bath, some of young Loki’s time with the “hoo-mans” (as the LOLCats say) was good.

Some of it was not so good.

I purchased Loki’s pet insurance when I got him.  In 2010, pet insurance was brand-spanking new.  I made a lot of people laugh when I told them I was paying $40 for this “crazy scheme.” 

They laughed a little harder when they found out that VPI didn’t cover vaccines or check-ups.  Nor would they cover what happened if you didn’t get your pet his preventative care.

So, Loki got his neutering done at a low-cost clinic.  I’m pretty sure he thought that day sucked.  He also wasn’t a fan of the “don’t-lick-your-butt” collar.

After a while, my roommate brought his son and his son’s cat, Duder, down from Maine.  He was older than Loki, but no one knew Duder’s exact age.  Some say he was immortal (OK, no one ever said that until right now). 

Mostly, Duder just tried to steal the best window nap spots.

As Loki grew up, Duder taught him how to be a cat.  They got along pretty well, eventually.

Then, the baby showed up.  This little gray and white kitten literally walked up on our porch and into my roommate’s arms.  Shelby was only slightly younger than Loki, but she was feisty.  She kept him on his toes, and kept him from bugging Duder. 

To be continued… with more cat pictures!


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