Random Questions – Post #5

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Random Question #5

Who are you?  How do you define yourself?  Are you who you’re related to?  Your career?  Your interests?  Your quirks? 

So… It seems such a simple question.  One we would think we face daily.  But, in my experience, it’s rare that someone asks it directly.

I unwittingly started therapy this past week.  Well, I had intended to start “therapy.”  But, specifically massage therapy – not emotional/psychological. 

Unsurprisingly, the two go hand in hand.

The leader of my fibromyalgia/chronic pain support group recommended Heaven Sent Medical Services.  I went, hoping to get an insurance-covered massage.

Lynn Parker, the nurse practitioner of Heaven Sent, is a wise soul.  She has strong intuition and a deep well of empathy.  I’ve had a half-dozen therapists in my lifetime.  I’ve never felt so comfortable with someone.

And I’ve never cried in a first meeting.

She asked me, “who are you?”  She told me to quiet my brain and let my heart speak. 

I had no answer.  I knew my traumatic past shrank my self-esteem, but I thought I knew who I was – and am. 

So, as I ponder this and find myself lacking in all areas of identity, I’ll ask you all –

Who are you?


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