ROE V WADE: A Personal Rant

I have a general rule online: I do my best not to curse.  Because I’ve worked as a web content and media marketing employee, I believe my “public” life might called into question for future employment opportunities.  I don’t want to lose a job because I curse like a sailor off-the-clock.

But, after hearing the Supreme Court overturned 50 of law-defining precedent last night, I posted this on my FB:

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Copied from my Facebook page.

In the cool, calm light of morning I can say… I feel 100% the same way today.  The fury I have inside me is surprising, even to me.  I pride myself on my patience, both online and off. 

Do I have slips?  Yeah, I lose my cool in traffic.  Or with a slow line.  Or being forced to put on a mask that I forgot in my car, which I had to park in Iowa somewhere because it was the nearest spot.

All of that irks me.  It could even cause me to be short-tempered to my friends and family.  I try to see those moments as what they are, bumps in the road I barely feel, but can skid me off track.

But this, this is like exactly what it’s supposed to be – A huge fucking stopping block.  It’s more like a wall in the path of women who dare to dream beyond home and family.

This ruling gives the power of every state to say whether or not a woman has to choose herself second.  It’s a beautiful, sad truth – In our eyes, pregnancy and maternity does hold a sacred place.  Where we know the woman is at the mercy of her body’s state.  It becomes someone else’s domain.

Done “right,” with the full love and endorsement of the mother, it’s humbling.  I’ve seen my friends give up their bodies in ways they never realized possible.  Their minds, similarly, were laser-focused on what their bodies were doing, could do, and might have happen to them as they gave birth.

I’m guilty of having called that focus “obsessive.”  Now, I think just beyond my comprehension.   They have given their lives over to this transformation, willingly, and few have any idea what could happen.  Carrying a baby to term affects bodily functions you thought it would never touch.  You have no choice in what happens.

That’s the other truth, as a society.  We just expect women to do it.  Society judges pregnant women in public.  “She should,” “she shouldn’t,” blah blah blah.  Expectant mothers hear about it constantly, whether they’re thinking about it or not!

So, no, women can’t just “give it up for adoption” or whatever other recommendation these anti-Choice people make up.  Because we refuse to give our entire lives and beings over to a fetus. 

We refuse to be reminded, every second, that our bodies aren’t our own. 

We refuse to have our hips and bladders forever changed. 

We refuse to have others glare at us for choosing to have seafood or a hot dog. 

We refuse to have our genitals or abdominal muscles destroyed in an effort to get a baby out of us, that we didn’t want there in the first place.

Imagine, for just a moment, a girl or a woman who doesn’t want a baby going through all those worries and pains.  The pain her natural changes cause her every second.  Turning that beautiful, natural glow on its head with the constant cloud of her lost self.

This is exactly what it looks like – A direct invasion of women’s lives.  Stepping between you, your family, your conscience, and your doctors when it comes to determining what’s best for your life.

This leaves me here, with nothing but my thankfully empty uterus and a well of rage.  All I can do is break my “rule” on being polite on the Internet to cuss out people happy about this decision.  I hope I find another outlet soon, otherwise I’m going to be cursing and celibate for the rest of my life.

Stay safe out there, my loves.  Especially in the bedroom.

(P.S. Future employers: I’m sorry if I offended you.  Mea culpa.  Sincerely… unfuck you.  Unless you agree with this decision.)


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