Rights and What is Left to Control

the lion's share

How much control should we have over other people?

In our society, regardless of where you live, your rights are paramount to your happiness. You base your entire world (and even worldview) around your rights. Your right to live, to find joy, to experience the full gamut of being a human, to be who you are.

This includes your right to choose where you live (to an extent), where you work (to an extent), what you learn (to an extent), who you worship (to an extent), who you love (to an extent), how to raise your family (to an extent), what products you’ll buy (to an extent), and even where you’ll rest when you pass (to an extent).

A lot of ‘to an extent’ that could be unpacked, but the reality is that for every station of life, for every aspect of it, and for everyone anywhere in the world…

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