All I Know

…is I know nothing.

Oh, sure, I’ve seen and experienced plenty in my life.  But, every day, I ask myself –

“Who am I?”

“What are my relations and associations?”

“What in this novel situation is similar to what I’ve already seen?”

“How do I fit?”

This makes writing an “About Me” section a nightmare of Biblical proportions.  According to WordPress, this page has read “[Work in Progress]” since April, 26th, 2016.

Staring at those words, they’re more accurate than my ego wants to admit.  I should be something as I near 40, y’know?

Instead, I find I’m unable to be anything.  Mostly because I strongly believe a human – with all her tics, eccentricities, and failings – can’t be a THING.  An object.

And, because, I find I’m someone different to everyone, every day. A different personality trait catches their attention, maybe without me even knowing.

Because… I don’t know how others think or feel.  And, knowing the deepest, dankest, and dirtiest wrongs I’ve done, I can’t judge anyone for thinking poorly of me.  So, I try not to judge.

I try to fill the void, my lack of understanding.  Knowing nothing means there are lessons everywhere.

The one hypothesis about myself that I hold most accurate is: I’m a consummate learner.  Considering both of my parents were teachers, that’s not surprising.  Neither is my impatient desire to share it with others.

There is some undefinable exchange of energy when people share knowledge and feeling.  Sometimes it’s warm and fuzzy; bad times, it’s a nuclear blast.   

Whether you pass along positive or negative energy, those waves radiate beyond the point of ignition.  Our passions create impacts we’ll never know.

Writing has always been my source of invigoration and solace.  I’ve used words to express emotions, experiences, creativity – to weave fantasies and sell third-party services.  I’ve let the words of others envelop me, their emotion rippling through me.

When the writing radiates, I find empathy.

In empathy, I find peace.


10 thoughts on “All I Know

  1. We could be twins not so much in looks, colour, sexual orientation and who knows what else, But at least on the interests/topics we are interested in. Love your about page. will look at the others as time permits

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, then we’re twins in the ways that are really important! 😀

      Thanks so much! Don’t worry, there isn’t too much content to get through at the moment. I hope to post more than once a year in the near future. Regardless, thank you for reading & your kind words.

      Liked by 1 person

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    • Wow! I feel so honored to be in that circle. It sounds like a loud, amusing group of folks! 😊

      I hope you also like random silly faces & gestures. I’ve got those in my repertoire too. 😁

      Thank you for the visit, comment, & follow back! I like your work & look forward to seeing what you come up with in the future.

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    • Maybe that’s why I like your posts so much! I recognize the thought process! 😄

      My cat’s name is Loki. We both had our names, from ancient religions, ruined by Disney. LOL But, he’s a black cat who embodies the Master of Mischief & Lies. He’s in remission from nasal lymphoma, & his oncologist calls him the “poster boy for radiation treatment.”

      Let’s see if I can get this picture dealie to work…

      Immediately after CyberKnife radiation treatments , Oct 27, 2017. Don’t mind the decorative snot headdress.
      After6 10 27 17

      Then, boom! July 21, 2018. He does a great Pepe Le Pew impression.
      Loki's Fur - 7 21 18

      Tell me all about your cats! lol


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