10 thoughts on “All I Know

  1. We could be twins not so much in looks, colour, sexual orientation and who knows what else, But at least on the interests/topics we are interested in. Love your about page. will look at the others as time permits

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    • Well, then we’re twins in the ways that are really important! 😀

      Thanks so much! Don’t worry, there isn’t too much content to get through at the moment. I hope to post more than once a year in the near future. Regardless, thank you for reading & your kind words.

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    • Wow! I feel so honored to be in that circle. It sounds like a loud, amusing group of folks! 😊

      I hope you also like random silly faces & gestures. I’ve got those in my repertoire too. 😁

      Thank you for the visit, comment, & follow back! I like your work & look forward to seeing what you come up with in the future.

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    • Maybe that’s why I like your posts so much! I recognize the thought process! 😄

      My cat’s name is Loki. We both had our names, from ancient religions, ruined by Disney. LOL But, he’s a black cat who embodies the Master of Mischief & Lies. He’s in remission from nasal lymphoma, & his oncologist calls him the “poster boy for radiation treatment.”

      Let’s see if I can get this picture dealie to work…

      Immediately after CyberKnife radiation treatments , Oct 27, 2017. Don’t mind the decorative snot headdress.
      After6 10 27 17

      Then, boom! July 21, 2018. He does a great Pepe Le Pew impression.
      Loki's Fur - 7 21 18

      Tell me all about your cats! lol


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