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No Wiggle Room For Women

If & when I figure out how to contact Supreme Court justices to share our objections, – not that it’ll do a whole heckuva lotta good – I’ll let you all know. 😥



Renting a moving truck from U-Haul to go from Alabama to Connecticut will cost somewhere between $600 to $800, depending on the size truck you need. Why did I look this information up? Because, if you’re in Alabama, you need to get out. As a public service, I’m giving you an idea on the cost.

Why did I pick Connecticut? Because some state officials in Connecticut have offered safe haven to Alabamians who wish to escape their state’s new restrictive abortion laws. Though the law isn’t actually legal yet despite the governor signing it, Alabama seeks to become the most restrictive state in regards to abortion. Connecticut, which has codified abortion, is the most progressive on the subject. Alabama wants to ban abortion entirely, even in the case of rape and incest. If this law becomes an actual law, a woman in Alabama impregnated from rape could face a stiffer…

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Men and Mental Health

Nothing is stronger, to me, than sharing your fears, feelings, & concerns. Anyone who tells you different is a jerkwad.

Blind Injustice

As some of my readers know, I’ve had some experiences with intrusive thoughts, which is when one struggles with unwelcome, unpleasant, and upsetting thoughts and ideas. These experiences led me to write about mental health from a faith (Christian faith, more specifically) point-of-view a couple of months ago.

Writing about mental health from a faith perspective is important. However, given the sobering statistic that 77% of those who die by suicide in the United States are men, as well as the fact that we are in the midst of Mental Health Awareness Month, I think it’s important to have a discussion about men and mental health.

The thing about men, at least in the United States, is that
we have expectations connected to our gender identity that make it problematic
to be open about our mental health. We’re taught to be tough, strong, not show weakness,

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Queers Gone By Reading Challenge Announcement!


Hi all!

I’m so excited to be announcing that I’m one of the hosts for Molly @ Bookish Bi Babe‘s amazing reading challenge, Queers Gone By!

Each of the hosts were responsible for creating the reading prompts for two LGBTQ+ women — my prompts are for Janelle Monáe and Josephine Baker.

Make sure to check back May 16 for book recommendations for each reading prompt for Janelle Monáe and Josephine Baker!


The other hosts for this challenge are: 

Kitty: Blog | Twitter
Kathy: Youtube | Twitter
Lili: Blog | Twitter
Sarah: Blog | Twitter
Eloise: Blog | Twitter

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 6.51.19 pm


The Queers Gone By reading challenge was created with the goal to celebrate and remember LGBTQ+ women and their achievements throughout history to present. I hope you enjoy taking part and learning a bit about each woman in the process! There’s also a ton of gorgeous goodies to be won! 🙈✨


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So, You Want To Be A Writer: Tips, Tricks & Ideas Vol #13

I really need to try this. Trying to write with the television or a YouTube video on is not getting my creative juices flowing, that’s for sure! 😄

Things Carla Loves

tip 13

According to a million scientific studies, including this one from Berkeley, music helps produce creative productivity.

It also improves our mental health, and we’re more likely to freely access memories that are stimulated via music.

Think about it.

Are you a Grey’s fan? Or were you, in the early days?

Well, chances are, when listening to Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars, you’re going to be thinking of a very specific scene:

I can’t hear Chasing Cars without remembering Denny’s untimely death, the “prom”, the vet, everything.

The same thing happens when you write.

I’ve mentioned before that I have “dance” music and I have “listening” music.

And sometimes, I have writing music.

Lately, it’s been Taylor Swift’s Reputation, as it stimulates something in my brain that just makes me want to write, but it can be anything.

Sometimes it’s classical music.

Regardless, it’s always easy-listening music – nothing that will…

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The Ex Files: And We Were In Screaming Colour Vol #14

You never know what little word or action will change someone’s life. Make every one count! ❤

Things Carla Loves

To help with understanding why it’s not as easy as people think to “just leave”, I will be writing a few memoir collections on my abusive ex.

From here on in, I will refer to my ex as Ben, after Ben Affleck, because I have an irritational hatred for Ben Affleck.


There’s a lot of reasons to hate on Ben Affleck, like how he ruined Batman, and that time he sexually assaulted Hilarie Burton on live TV, or the millions of times he chose to protect Harvey Weinstein instead of the women he knew Weinstein was assaulting.

But I’ve always hated him, even before I knew all of that, and he ruined Batman, and it’s become a running joke with my husband, because I hate that I love his brother, Casey Affleck, as an actor so much (even though he’s problematic as fuck), that for a…

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Present for Mother’s Day

For anyone who doesn’t have access to calendars, doesn’t hear radio/TV ads, doesn’t visit retail stores, nor doesn’t have ads on their computer, this Sunday is Mother’s Day.  Typically, it’s celebrated with breakfast in bed, flowers, &/or chocolate.  Sometimes, people celebrate it by taking the kids out & giving Mom a couple of hours to… Continue reading Present for Mother’s Day

Cause Here We Are Again: Do What Makes You Happy Vol #5

What Carla describes sounds exactly like my best friend & hetero-lifemate off-line.

I call her a living, breathing, Catch-22 – she’ll drop anything & everything to help someone, regardless of her own life/health/financial constraints. It leaves her beyond “stretched thin.”

It’s frustrating, & I keep telling her to learn how to say “no.” I want her to take better care of herself.

But, I know, her empathy, generous nature, & the lengths to which she’ll go to help a friend is one of the many reasons we love her so much.

Take care of yourself first. You have nothing to give anyone else if you are stretched so thin you snap. ❤

Things Carla Loves

I have spent almost my entire life trying to please other people.

I’ve never perceived myself as someone people actually like.

I feel like I’m often a port of harbor for so many, as I so frequently open myself up to others, in an attempt to ease their burdens, to help, but that isn’t the same thing as feeling liked.

As a general rule, despite what I say, I actually generally like people. There aren’t too many people I meet that I immediately dislike; and usually if I do, there’s a reason. I rarely just “don’t like” someone. I don’t mesh with people, but I become indifferent to them, neither disliking nor liking them.

However, in a desperate attempt to people-please, I’ve constantly done one of two things (or sometimes both together):

  1. I expect, sometimes unfairly, that my loved ones will hold the same care, regard, trust and loyalty I…

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9 Tips to Cure Bloggers Block

FANTASTIC tips on breaking the rut. Plus, kitty pics!

The Cat's Write

Most of us are familiar with writer’s block, but did you know you can also suffer from blogger’s block (okay technically it’s the same thing but it sounds cooler, yeah?)

I should know… I’ve only just returned from my own stint away! I could go on and on about how ‘busy my schedule was over the holidays’ and how ‘life simply got in the way’, but in reality… I was suffering from Bloggers Block. The longer I stayed away, the harder the fight to come back.

But I’m here! And these are the ‘9 Tips’ I used to pull myself back from the brink.

9 Tips to Cure Bloggers Block*

1. Remember why you’re blogging in the first place

Is your blog floundering? Do you want to make an impact but have no clue how?
You need to remember why the hell you started your blog in the first place!…

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