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Thank you to everyone who donated money to my friends. I'll apologize now if I repost it a few times - they really are in a horrific situation that may drag out a long time in court. I want to say - The generosity you all have shown warmed my cynical, black heart. You've also … Continue reading A quick thank you…


Commentary #90: “9-year-old boy raises nearly $80K to give bulletproof vests to police K-9s”

This is such a sweet story & Lord knows we need more of those! As problematic as a lot of police officers can be, the dogs deserve protection.

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Brady's K-9 Fund Image Credit: Brady’s K-9 Fund (BK9F)

I stumbled upon this story on Facebook recently. Way to go, Brady!

Here’s the link to the post from my local news station:

In Ohio, the local news has been following Brady Snakovsky for nearly a year now. At that point, in November 2018, Brady had raised enough money to donate more than 50 vests to K-9s in nine states. That’s incredible!

Picture Image Credit: Brady’s K-9 Fund

Bulletproof vests for police K-9s can cost more than $1,000. Brady got the idea when he and his mom were watching an episode of “Live PD,” where a K-9 did not have a bulletproof vest. With his mom’s help, Brady started a GoFundMe.

As of June 2, 2019, Brady has raised enough money to donate 85 vests. Currently, there’s a waiting list of 57…

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