BOOK REVIEW: Hocus Pocus: Titania’s Book of Spells by Titania Hardie

I’m so glad I bought this book when I was a teenager.  I’d be so embarrassed if someone saw me buying it now. Not because I’m ashamed of the subject matter, mind you.  I’m still interested and, yes, even charmed (😉) by the practices of Wicca and paganism.  No, I’d be ashamed if I were … Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: Hocus Pocus: Titania’s Book of Spells by Titania Hardie


I Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself! – Becoming by Michelle Obama

Becoming, by Michelle Obama, deserves a post dedicated to profound quotations.  Maybe several posts.  This is gonna get long.  (Worth it.) I’m going to add some thoughts, if I have them, after the quotations.  My thoughts will be the text … not in quotation marks.  Oh, what the heck!  I’ll put them in italics too, … Continue reading I Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself! – Becoming by Michelle Obama

12 F/F Books You Need On Your TBR!


Hi all!

I absolutely love romance novels. They may not be for everyone, but I adore them. Even when I’m reading a fantasy novel or a sci-fi or any genre book, I need to have at least a smidgen of romance to keep me invested. Don’t get me wrong, I still really enjoy those types of books without romance, so long as the writing and the characters and the world-building is great, but I always prefer romance.

So! I thought I’d share some of my favourite books with f/f romance — either as the main storyline or as a subset of the plot.

Here’s a little representation key so you know what rep to expect from each book!
💖 = lesbian
💜 = bisexual
💚 = pansexual
🧡 = characters of colour
💙 = gender non-conforming

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 6.51.19 pm

The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon


Rep: 💖🧡

“I realised, that she had been spoon-fed…

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10 Reasons Why Being a Bookworm Makes Life Better

Books Rock My World

“An hour spent reading is one stolen from paradise”
—Thomas Wharton

Books aren’t just a static form of entertainment to turn towards during a boring hour in your life. No, bookworms know that reading is one of the best parts of life. And here are ten reasons why.

1. Books can be BFFs

A good book speaks directly to you, as if it knows everything going on inside. It takes something from your own life and breathes it onto the page, sending you a direct message; you are not alone. Others know how this feels, too. Others have made it through this and you will, too. A book best friend knows everything you’re going through. Also, books don’t try to make you leave the house to socialize. True. Soulmates.

bookworm gif 4

2. Patience is a Virtue

Waiting for a new best friend to be added to a beloved series teaches us bookworms…

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#UnsolvedAThon Book Recommendations!

Want to do the #UnsolvedAThon, but aren’t sure where to start? They’ve got some great recommendations!! (My TBR just keeps growing lol)


Hi all!!

I’m hoping you’re all as excited about my Buzzfeed Unsolved inspired readathon as I am!

Check out the announcement post here!

If you’re a little nervous about choosing books to read for the challenges — as there are some tricky challenges — never fear! I have a list of recommended reads for you to peruse.

Like I mentioned in the announcement post, so long as the book you choose somehow fits the parameters of the reading prompt (also known as the clue) — even loosely — you can read it! Trust me, I’m not going to be commenting on your blog posts with “Um, tHis bOoK Doesn’T fIT!!” You can read anything you want: novel, audiobook, eBook, graphic novel, comic, short story — anything!

I tried to give book recommendations for a whole host of readers, from the YA book reader, to the Adult fiction reader, to…

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#UnsolvedAThon: A Buzzfeed Unsolved ReadAThon — Announcement and Sign Up!

This is a well thought out challenge! I’m not planning to participate myself, but I think a lot of my friends & readers would find it fascinating!


Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 8.07.42 pm

Welcome to the announcement post of my readathon: #UnsolvedAThon!

This readathon is based on the youtube series Buzzfeed Unsolved, where supernatural believer Ryan tells his friend, skeptical Shane, about a famous supernatural or true crime case — all of which are unsolved.

If you haven’t heard of this series, watch the episodes here!

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 11.54.35 am

I’ve been a fan of Buzzfeed Unsolved since the second season, after my sister introduced me to the show, and I’ve told so many friends about this series who have then gone on to watch it and love it. So I wanted to show my appreciation for the show; originally I had planned a book tag but someone beat me to it (no hard feelings! haha). I then decided to create a readathon, which I think is going to be super fun!

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 9.05.05 am

For this readathon, you can read any type of book: physical, eBook, audiobook…

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