We Just Want to Walk Home in the Dark | ‘#NotAllMen’ & Harassment

rosie abigail

TRIGGER WARNING – sexual assault & harassment

It’s been a really tough week. I am angry and tired and just in a constant state of anxiety. Every time I open social media or turn on the news, there’s women discussing their sexual harassment and assault stories, sharing our shared trauma. If you’ve been online in the past week, you’ll know the clincher – that it’s our fault, the women’s fault, of course. Women do not take enough precautions to avoid being harassed, assaulted, or raped. At least, that’s a lot of the discourse that’s being shared in response to women’s stories…

For those of you not in the UK, our news has been centered around the missing person’s case of Sarah Everard. Sarah was walking home from a friend’s house at 9pm at night and vanished, despite doing all of the things women have been told to do to keep…

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BOOK REVIEW: You Know You Want It by Carla Robinson

I’ve read 5 books between Slaughterhouse-Five & You Know You Want It, all of which still need reviewing.  However, as the author, Carla Robinson (blogging under "Things Carla Loves"), is a dear friend, who isn’t feeling her (insanely intelligent, empathetic, funny, vivacious) self lately, I felt this deserved a bump up the schedule. Also, she … Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: You Know You Want It by Carla Robinson

Rae’s Rules to Remember #50: Sexual Assault isn’t a Fucking Joke

Rape jokes aren’t funny. Talking about rape flippantly makes the speaker look like a fool. Judging victims for what they wore, what they drank, their previous relationships, their current relationships with the perpetrator, or whether or not they decided to report it, makes the speaker look like a jacka**.

Denying rape culture means the speaker has his/her head buried in the sand… may they choke on it. (I’m pissed because of the feelings this post brought up, despite being brilliantly written. All blame for my anger goes to the content & its truth, not its composition nor creator.)


I had been planning on writing this piece for a while and I saw a video today that sort of sent me over the edge.

It amazes me how lightly some people take sexual assault. The fact that some people literally dismiss it as a joke is not only disgusting, but frightening. People say that rape culture doesn’t exist and that it’s just a feminist conspiracy, but seriously look around you. I watched a Lifetime movie last night where a man perpetuated rape culture against his own daughter. Instead of being concerned when his teenage daughter told him that her (much older) doctor was stalking her, he said that she’s beautiful and “guys will be guys.” He was more concerned with “ruining” the doctor’s career instead of the possibility that this man would kidnap his daughter (which he did). I mean, what about Brock Turner (Yeah I’m still talking about…

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