Contacting the Supreme Court

Recently, I shared a cartoon by my friend, Clay, about the growing attacks on women’s reproductive rights by individual states.  I promised to share the Supreme Court’s contact info in my brief introduction to his post. After hours & days of searching (OK, so it was a 30 second Google search), I found it.  What’s… Continue reading Contacting the Supreme Court

More Trump F—ery.

I would like to say something intelligent & witty about this video. Unfortunately, the bile keeps rising in my throat & paralyzing my fingers. All that came out were guttural screams. This is a clip from "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah," originally aired on Comedy Central & then shared on YouTube. Noah is interviewing… Continue reading More Trump F—ery.

BOOK REVIEW: You Know You Want It by Carla Robinson

I’ve read 5 books between Slaughterhouse-Five & You Know You Want It, all of which still need reviewing.  However, as the author, Carla Robinson (blogging under "Things Carla Loves"), is a dear friend, who isn’t feeling her (insanely intelligent, empathetic, funny, vivacious) self lately, I felt this deserved a bump up the schedule. Also, she… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: You Know You Want It by Carla Robinson

Full Frontal’s Take On Black History Month

I'm a fan of Samantha Bee's show, Full Frontal.  While I'd prefer more representation than poor Ashley, I think the show did a good take on some Black History subjects.  Their "Racist Roadshow," in the second link below, was more enlightening & disheartening than funny, but it told me some stuff I really should have… Continue reading Full Frontal’s Take On Black History Month


Privilege. Somewhere, someone just cringed. No one likes hearing, directly or implied, that they have privilege.  We don’t like hearing that our race, age, gender, sexuality, religion, or other factor we have no control over, somehow gives us an unfair advantage. “Privilege” brings to mind partying frat boys.  People who have had everything handed to… Continue reading Privilege