Contacting the Supreme Court

Recently, I shared a cartoon by my friend, Clay, about the growing attacks on women’s reproductive rights by individual states.  I promised to share the Supreme Court’s contact info in my brief introduction to his post. After hours & days of searching (OK, so it was a 30 second Google search), I found it.  What’s … Continue reading Contacting the Supreme Court


Where’s The Pro-Life Crowd?

“Pro-Life” must mean pro-ALL-life. Not just fetal life. Women’s lives. Children’s lives. Prisoners’ lives. ALL LIVES.



Earlier this week, a 16-year-old boy from Guatemala died after being apprehended at the U.S. Border. He is the fifth migrant child since December to die after being apprehended at the U.S. border.

The boy was “found unresponsive” during a routine welfare check Monday morning at Weslaco Station, the facility where he was being held. The boy was taken into custody after crossing the U.S. border in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley on May 13 and was due to be moved into custody of the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement, which oversees care of unaccompanied or separated migrant children after they are initially processed by immigration authorities.

Do you have right-wing whackanoodles among your friends and followers on social media? If so, have they been going ape in rejoicing about the numerous abortion bans taking place in red states across the nation? Of course they have…

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No Wiggle Room For Women

If & when I figure out how to contact Supreme Court justices to share our objections, – not that it’ll do a whole heckuva lotta good – I’ll let you all know. 😥



Renting a moving truck from U-Haul to go from Alabama to Connecticut will cost somewhere between $600 to $800, depending on the size truck you need. Why did I look this information up? Because, if you’re in Alabama, you need to get out. As a public service, I’m giving you an idea on the cost.

Why did I pick Connecticut? Because some state officials in Connecticut have offered safe haven to Alabamians who wish to escape their state’s new restrictive abortion laws. Though the law isn’t actually legal yet despite the governor signing it, Alabama seeks to become the most restrictive state in regards to abortion. Connecticut, which has codified abortion, is the most progressive on the subject. Alabama wants to ban abortion entirely, even in the case of rape and incest. If this law becomes an actual law, a woman in Alabama impregnated from rape could face a stiffer…

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Men and Mental Health

Nothing is stronger, to me, than sharing your fears, feelings, & concerns. Anyone who tells you different is a jerkwad.

Blind Injustice

As some of my readers know, I’ve had some experiences with intrusive thoughts, which is when one struggles with unwelcome, unpleasant, and upsetting thoughts and ideas. These experiences led me to write about mental health from a faith (Christian faith, more specifically) point-of-view a couple of months ago.

Writing about mental health from a faith perspective is important. However, given the sobering statistic that 77% of those who die by suicide in the United States are men, as well as the fact that we are in the midst of Mental Health Awareness Month, I think it’s important to have a discussion about men and mental health.

The thing about men, at least in the United States, is that
we have expectations connected to our gender identity that make it problematic
to be open about our mental health. We’re taught to be tough, strong, not show weakness,

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Shut Up & Hold My Fucking Margarita (Answering Questions You Wished No One Had Asked): No, Sanitary Items Aren’t A Luxury, and No, Women Can’t Control Their Periods You Fuckwit

Sigh. OK, this makes my brain hurt. But, it's too true, unfortunately. Feminine hygiene products are not a luxury. They should not have "luxury tax" applied to them. They are necessary products - more than a razor or perfume. If you do not understand the physical biology of people with vaginas, please educate yourself. If … Continue reading Shut Up & Hold My Fucking Margarita (Answering Questions You Wished No One Had Asked): No, Sanitary Items Aren’t A Luxury, and No, Women Can’t Control Their Periods You Fuckwit

BOOK REVIEW: You Know You Want It by Carla Robinson

I’ve read 5 books between Slaughterhouse-Five & You Know You Want It, all of which still need reviewing.  However, as the author, Carla Robinson (blogging under "Things Carla Loves"), is a dear friend, who isn’t feeling her (insanely intelligent, empathetic, funny, vivacious) self lately, I felt this deserved a bump up the schedule. Also, she … Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: You Know You Want It by Carla Robinson