“FX Presents – A Christmas Carol” – A Review

I found myself watching “FX Presents A Christmas Carol” & I could not stop texting my best friend – let’s call her “L.”  She has the patience of a saint, because I had a lot to say.  Coming from someone who always has a lot to say, I’m sure she was overwhelmed. The first thing … Continue reading “FX Presents – A Christmas Carol” – A Review


Commentary #94: “How to Request ARCs from Publishers”

Very interesting advice for anyone looking to get into the nitty-gritty of Advanced Reader Copies (ARC)!

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How to Request ARCs from Publishers Image Credit: YA & Wine

I saw Krysti’s post recently, and felt I needed to share it!

An ARC means Advance Reader Copy.

Here’s the link to her post:

Her post is short, sweet, and to the point.

I really liked her advice about requesting a physical ARC from a publisher. She says to “focus on building your follower base first and foremost. Most publishers are looking for bloggers who have at least 500 followers across platforms (including your blog and social media) and have been blogging for at least six months.”

In addition, she gave a lot of tips and tricks for searching for publishers. One key takeaway I found was the following”

“Know that there are a TON of imprints for the big publishers (Harper, Penguin, Random House, Simon & Schuster, Scholastic, etc.) So sometimes you’ll need to figure out which…

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9 Black Character Stereotypes to Avoid in Your Writing

Writers Anon - Taunton's Writing Group

Congratulations, you’re writing a story with a diverse set of characters. This is a great thing and needs to be supported. A fear of political correctness mustn’t stop writers from creating characters from other races, religions or walks of life. Writing from beyond your own experience takes a little bit more thought and work, but that’s our job, right?

The first step to writing non-white characters is understanding the mistakes of the past. So here’s my checklist for avoiding the most common black character stereotypes:

  1. Angry Black Woman/man: This character is often angry for no reason and there for comic effect. We get the pursed lipped, finger clicking, head wobbling ‘sassy’ black woman, who bursts into the scene and then disappears after we’ve finished laughing. The haranguing wife/mother/grandmother all feature. Then the black man is the loud, swearing, angry figure, who may seem violent and threatening. The angry black person…

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Dear White Authors: Here’s Why You Suck at Writing POC

Coco by Monthly Press - a Dara Crawley Project

Lately in my writer’s groups and circles I’ve been seeing a lot of white writers saying that they feel as though they can’t write POC, or it will be inherently seen as offensive. They bemoan POC as being controlling and over sensitive, or even rightfully concerned, but that it shouldn’t be that way. White authors, they posit, shouldn’t have to fear that their work will be taken the wrong way. They didn’t  mean it that way. They are really trying, or they’ll just only write white people then. The story I see is they’re told by friends, editors, etc. that they shouldn’t write POC as a white person. How goddamn un-American blah blah blah. The funny thing is if they looked around plenty of white folk are writing great and enjoyable POC characters that are praised on the page and screen. So what gives? Why can they write POC and…

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An Interview with Author and Cover Creator, Ginger Elinburg

From B’s cover for “Crimson Vows,” I can say that Ginger is incredibly talented! If anyone is searching for a cover artist, please read the interview to learn how you can work with a great one!

B.W. Ginsburg

Today I will be interviewing Ginger Elinburg (@elinburgedits), creator of the book cover for my new novella, Crimson Vows. Ginger is also a talented independent author, known for her books: Wicked Welcome, Whispered Deceit, her newest release, Demon’s Angel, and many others. To check out Ginger’s books, please click the link below:


How did you get interested in graphic design/designing book covers?

First, I’d like to say thanks for the interview. I’m a little nervous, so I’ll probably make a few typos

I’ve always loved editing photos and creating something new by merging two or more pictures together.

What was the first cover you designed?

The first cover I ever designed was for my own book Wicked Welcome. It was the original cover and I used photos that I had taken myself.

What’s your favorite thing about designing book covers? Your least favorite?

Favorite thing – That *gasp* moment…

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9 Tips to Cure Bloggers Block

FANTASTIC tips on breaking the rut. Plus, kitty pics!

The Cat's Write

Most of us are familiar with writer’s block, but did you know you can also suffer from blogger’s block (okay technically it’s the same thing but it sounds cooler, yeah?)

I should know… I’ve only just returned from my own stint away! I could go on and on about how ‘busy my schedule was over the holidays’ and how ‘life simply got in the way’, but in reality… I was suffering from Bloggers Block. The longer I stayed away, the harder the fight to come back.

But I’m here! And these are the ‘9 Tips’ I used to pull myself back from the brink.

9 Tips to Cure Bloggers Block*

1. Remember why you’re blogging in the first place

Is your blog floundering? Do you want to make an impact but have no clue how?
You need to remember why the hell you started your blog in the first place!…

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