BOOK REVIEW: Everything’s Eventual by Stephen King

I’m a huge Stephen King fan.  I’ve liked almost everything I’ve read by him (didn’t really like the Gunslinger book I read, or Firestarter, but I read the latter a loooooong time ago). King’s long works are almost canon at this point.  They’ve been made into, according to the unreliable yet useful Wikipedia: Movies (tons… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: Everything’s Eventual by Stephen King

Help me! (Poll)

As expected, my review of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare is getting insanely long! It's currently around 1,200 words, & I still have to discuss the Histories, Tragedies, & Poems. So, do you think I should break it up into more manageable (but still probably long) posts, or give you dear readers one MEGA-REVIEW?… Continue reading Help me! (Poll)