BOOK REVIEW: Everything’s Eventual by Stephen King

I’m a huge Stephen King fan.  I’ve liked almost everything I’ve read by him (didn’t really like the Gunslinger book I read, or Firestarter, but I read the latter a loooooong time ago). King’s long works are almost canon at this point.  They’ve been made into, according to the unreliable yet useful Wikipedia: Movies (tons… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: Everything’s Eventual by Stephen King


Trust, once broken, can be pieced back together. Painstakingly putting piecesinto rightful placesof brighter days’ form, glued together by time. But, the resulting productis far more fragile and never quite as lovely. ®Ariel Lynn 11/4/16

Help me! (Poll)

As expected, my review of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare is getting insanely long! It's currently around 1,200 words, & I still have to discuss the Histories, Tragedies, & Poems. So, do you think I should break it up into more manageable (but still probably long) posts, or give you dear readers one MEGA-REVIEW?… Continue reading Help me! (Poll)