Random Questions – Post #3

If you’re new to our “weird/random/oversharing” corner of the Internet, or if you need a refresher, check out Random Questions – Post #1.  For the veterans, welcome home.  Make yourself comfortable!  Random Question #3: If you've seen commercials for the movie, “The Invisible Man,” does it look to anyone else like an extended metaphor for … Continue reading Random Questions – Post #3

“FX Presents – A Christmas Carol” – A Review

I found myself watching “FX Presents A Christmas Carol” & I could not stop texting my best friend – let’s call her “L.”  She has the patience of a saint, because I had a lot to say.  Coming from someone who always has a lot to say, I’m sure she was overwhelmed. The first thing … Continue reading “FX Presents – A Christmas Carol” – A Review