I have so many posts & post ideas now that my third-party post is in the “done” column, but I really need this right now.

I’m sure very few people care about my cat.  However, I promise some really fantastic cat pictures if you want to scroll down & skip my rambling.

When I moved out of my Dad’s house, I wanted to get a cat:

  • An all black cat – because they’re less likely to be adopted, the first to be euthanized in shelters, & still have a horrible stigma of being “bad luck”
  • To be named “Loki” (I didn’t have a gender preference, I merely picked a name based on the Norse G-d of Mischief & Lies)
  • Adopted, not purchased

My ex-boyfriend/ex-husband (my life is a Jerry Springer episode) had an Uncle with a feral cat colony on his cow farm.  It turns out, one of them had recently had a litter of kittens.  They weren’t scared of humans yet, so we went to see them.

He who would ultimately be named “Loki” was the only one of three 8-week old kittens who didn’t run & hide.  Instead, he investigated the giant hairless apes who entered the tiny barn stall in which he’d spent his whole life.  I like to say this was his first – & last – brave act.

He’s a bit of a scaredy-cat.  Seriously, this cat is afraid of string.  But, I digress.

Eventually, when I spent four years wondering why I was in constant pain & my depression soared, Loki became my reason for sticking around.  I had to care for him – feeding, vet visits, stealing his waste for no reason other than to piss him off.

My doctor helped me declare him an emotional support animal.  This helps mostly with if I move somewhere where I’m not supposed to have pets.  It also reminds me that he needs me.

My whole world is a whiny, attention-seeking, spoiled rotten, six-year-old black cat.  At 16 pounds, he pushes me around like no one’s business.

Now, the pictures as promised:

When he first arrived, he was small enough to fit in his own food bowl.  Which he did to tell us that it was empty & needed to be remedied post-haste.
He did & still does love belly rubs.  Weird cat.
He’s got a big mouth, like his human Mama.
Taken by my talented & amazing friend at LG Imaging.  We had to bribe him to sit still.  We call this picture “Put the cat treat here.”
Another picture by LG Imaging.  My Prince is all grown up!!! ❤

I’ll get back to writing stuff tomorrow.  Or, maybe Wednesday after the election.  This week is an emotional s***-storm, so I needed to remind myself what my life means.  If not for me, for him.  ❤