You Deserve More – Nurt Thursday…On Friday

A beautiful – & accurate – thought.

Say it with me now: I. Deserve. Better. ❤

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Nurture Thursday – You Deserve More


I absolutely agree with this statement. You deserve better than that. Trust me. One of the best things I found when I let go of my toxic friendships, were the good friends that I had around me. When you actually have the time for the good people in your life, you don’t even think about the bad.

So, stop, right this second, trying to please them. You deserve better than this. I know, being a good person and someone who believes in good, it can be so hard to let go, but it’ll be worth it! You will see the change in yourself and those around you. The problem with trying to be your best for someone who isn’t worth it, is the time you waste in your life trying to please them. When you stop, you will see how much time you have…

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#ButWhyDoesn’tSheLeave: Yes, Money Matters

Don’t ever ask a victim of abuse – male or female – why they don’t “just leave.”

Carla puts it best, as always. ❤

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— Trigger and Content Warning —

Like with the “Friendship Breakup” series, over the next few weeks, I’ll be answering commonly asked questions surrounding, specifically, Dr Ford and the entire fiasco that we just watched. 

The three sections I’ll be heavily focusing on will be: #ButWhyDoesn’tSheLeave,#ButDon’tYouWantToGetBetter, as well as #WhyIDidn’tReport

As this topic is of a sensitive nature, and many of you may have questions or stories you’d like to share or have answered, please feel free to drop a message in my Facebook inbox or DM me on my Instagram, @thingscarlaloves. You do not have to share your story in the comment section (or anywhere else) if you do not feel comfortable. 

As always, there will be a list of helpline services added, if you need help. I strongly urge that you confide in someone you trust in order to help…

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So, You Want To Be A Writer: Tips, Ticks & Ideas Vol #9

Things Carla Loves

tip 9

I think I’ve mentioned this before – I’ve experimented with different mediums before, before deciding I really don’t like being behind the camera – the only thing I really like to do is, well, write.

But you aren’t me.

Maybe you’re hilariously funny, or you like to experiment, or you think some of your posts will work better behind the camera or on a podcast.

If that’s the case, you don’t have to write every week, if you don’t want to.

For example, you could set it up so that you have a weekly “vlog” or podcast, on a specific day.

Maybe you’ll do it a few times and be like, “Yeah, nah, not for me,” which is what I did (I’ll even include a video I did for my Facebook page).

It’s okay if you want to mix and mash styles.

It’s okay if you decide something works better…

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5 Things You (Probably) Don’t Know About Teaching

Don’t forget – many U.S. teachers work for 10 months out of the year. Now they’re given the option to spread their (meager) salary over 12 months. Back in my Dad’s time, it was 2 months without pay.

The bank doesn’t accept “I’m a teacher” as a reason why you didn’t pay your mortgage for 2 months.

Also, someone broke down the numbers & teachers are paid less than babysitters. Check it out:

Things Carla Loves

This is my eighth year as a teacher. There are days I love my job so much I couldn’t imagine any other; and there are days I wonder how any teacher makes it to retirement. There is an incredible amount of never-ending unrealistic expectations thrown on teachers, and our teaching strategies and curriculum content are often decided by people who have not set foot in a classroom for some time.

Don’t get me wrong; for the most part, I love my job. However, here are five things you should know about teaching (and are probably common myths you’ve either heard or maybe even believe).

5) Extra-curricular Activities

Formals. Dances. Sports’ days. Swimming carnivals. Excursions. Camps. Overseas “holidays”. For these activities to run – and this is just a small example, I’m not even getting into hobby groups or after-school tutoring – a teacher, or multiple teachers, have to give up…

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#StopBlamingWomenMakeMenTheIssue: The Almost Facebook Famous Rapist [Names Withheld Due to Minors]

Sickening. Trigger warning!!

Things Carla Loves

— Trigger Warning —

Last year, I read an article by Jane Gilmore, discussing that there was no national outrage or outcry, and little had been said in the media, about the fact that just the other week in Australia, six women were murdered in five days.


Six women were murdered in five days.

As nothing has changed, I’m continuing with this same theme in 2019, and women murdered at the result of male violence will be featured on every Thursday post, as well as an entry from The Ex Files.

I would also like to take this opportunity to note that during this time, White Ribbon has decided that it wants to be “agnostic” when it comes to women seeking safe and legal abortions. They recently, and very publicly, admitted that they were putting money before the lives of women. White Ribbon has always…

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BOOK REVIEW: Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson

I have no idea why I got Zero Waste Home.  I’m pretty sure I added it to my Amazon Wishlist, but I have no idea why.  Maybe I saw a link to the original blog, Zero Waste Home?  Saw it on a TV show?  Read about it in an article? Nope.  Never gonna remember. I… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson

Cause Here We Are Again: Your Mindful Journey Vol #2

Self care is not selfish. In fact, it’s the most selfless thing you can do because you can’t support others when you’re wavering yourself. ❤

Things Carla Loves

If you completed last week’s exercise, and organised your stressors, I hope that worked for you. I hope you were able to identify any common denominations and themes that became more obvious once committed to paper – maybe some were things you weren’t even originally aware of, or didn’t quite realise just how much it was affecting you.

This week, I want you to focus on self-care and self-compassion.

We judge ourselves for everything. If you have an illness, there’s a good chance you’ve compared your illness to someone else’s wondering why they can do things you can’t even dream of (or, alternatively, dismissing someone else’s journey because your experience was different).

We always dream of things we’re sure we could do better, filled with judgement, using toxic, abusive words to describe and demean ourselves, without ever stopping to accept that sometimes, we need to take care of ourselves…

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