So, You Want To Be A Writer: Tips, Tricks & Ideas Vol #12

I’ll be honest, I’ve never written a full-length novel. When I did try (before I realized the plot was terrible), I tried to make character charts.

There are examples online, but it can seem daunting. It’s worth a shot!

Things Carla Loves


A little while ago, I wrote how my favourite English teacher, Mr Yates, from when I was in high school (so long ago now!) encouraged me to consider handwriting more, to create a more personal connection with my work.

He also gave me another important tip – one I have never overlooked, and one that is put in place for every novel I’ve ever written since (whether it’s become something or not is a different story), including You Know You Want It, as well as my two up-coming novels (I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately, hence the break. I told you I was a busy little birdie!).

He told me that one of the most important things about writing was knowing everything you could about your characters, that the more you, as the author, knew them, the more you would have control – and the easier your…

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