The Smiths #SmithPartyOf3

I’m not one to ask for money. But, this isn’t for – or about – me. My best friend, my hetero-lifemate, and adopted sister, her darling husband who dotes on her, and my nephew, need help.

I know everyone is strapped for cash. But please donate. And please share the GoFundMe fundraiser.

I have to let people know that this family is the most amazing, generous, and giving trio I’ve ever known – and they are in serious trouble. Their neighbors assaulted them and now their landlords are demanding the Smiths vacate.

Follow the link to the fundraiser to read the whole story.

Thanks everyone. 😢


12 thoughts on “Please…help…

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      • I knew who you meant, because… well, it’s freakin’ obvious!

        The neighbors haven’t been arrested because, apparently, the gas incident was an “accident” (despite all the crazy coincidences making it seem like it wasn’t). The landlords risked fines with their illegal setup, but they disassembled the third-floor tenant’s kitchen (while he wasn’t staying in the unit temporarily) during the second inspection. Now, I think they’re hoping to get the Smiths out and figure out something else (or rent to someone less scrupulous).

        But, they face a long legal battle. We all think the landlords request for them to vacate is retaliatory, but they’ll need to take them to court. The Smiths are documenting everything, but they need money to get the heck out of that heck-hole!

        (Thank you for opening a vent valve. Sorry to throw all that at you!! ❤ )

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      • Oh man, it really is an annoyance… and I’m not even the one going through it all!! My poor friend, she’s scared to be there, but she has to so they can pack and get stuff moved. And her husband left her alone one night this week to do a job interview – she was freaked out so badly.

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