An Interview with Author and Cover Creator, Ginger Elinburg

From B’s cover for “Crimson Vows,” I can say that Ginger is incredibly talented! If anyone is searching for a cover artist, please read the interview to learn how you can work with a great one!

B.W. Ginsburg

Today I will be interviewing Ginger Elinburg (@elinburgedits), creator of the book cover for my new novella, Crimson Vows. Ginger is also a talented independent author, known for her books: Wicked Welcome, Whispered Deceit, her newest release, Demon’s Angel, and many others. To check out Ginger’s books, please click the link below:

How did you get interested in graphic design/designing book covers?

First, I’d like to say thanks for the interview. I’m a little nervous, so I’ll probably make a few typos

I’ve always loved editing photos and creating something new by merging two or more pictures together.

What was the first cover you designed?

The first cover I ever designed was for my own book Wicked Welcome. It was the original cover and I used photos that I had taken myself.

What’s your favorite thing about designing book covers? Your least favorite?

Favorite thing – That *gasp* moment…

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